Graminvikas is idea for growth of rural life of Indian villages. More than 68% of total Indian population lives in villages and there are not many facilities provided. Those peoples keep on fighting whole life for basic needs.

We have tried to give them a platform in form of to discuss with peoples, get others views on same problems and find their solution. Peoples who have ideas to make rural life better anyhow in any aspect or have some experiences which can be useful for them can share their views.

All peoples want to get work near to their homes village, but due to globalization lot of Indians are out for their work. We want them to get back to their birth land at least virtually. They can get their village updates friends information or anything.

For peoples lived in urban area website gives the idea of village life, customs, traditions, entertainment, games by images shared, discussion topics and news shared of the nearby places.

Please suggest us how we can help to remember your lost village life back.