Go for Electricity Independent Village Tag

Each Indian village has different natural circumstances, resources, location and requirements too. But one problem is common everywhere that is electricity problem. All of our daily routines works depends on electricity and electrical appliances. In electricity shortage season (extreme summer or winter and sometimes both) village are always preferred by electricity board for routine power cuts. Even some villages may not have electricity still to light their homes being extreme distance or any other difficulties.

Your village may be one of them. To overcome this problem we should get independent in electricity generation and should not rely only on government power plants. That may be fully or partially independent. We can ask villagers to point out nearby energy sources like river fall, speedy airs, burning sun etc. which can be converted into their own power plant. We can also ask government for technology guidance and if there is any financial help they can provide. Villagers may put their effort totally if government doesn’t help them. Any young engineer of your village or nearby village will never refuse you to help.

These small power plants can help at big level to generate more power and its loss. This will also stop electricity theft as they will also understand the effort they have put to power their electrical appliances.

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