Honor Killing – daily news in villages

We used to hear news of honor killing in villages or areas which are little far from modern life. Every time this news make me confused whether it’s happening right or wrong in the society. So I thought on this today and I found it right only in condition if there is not any other way to correct its reasons.

Parents are only responsible of our presence here (including all mighty GOD). They faced lot of problems and done hard work to makes us capable to do everything in life. Our education, health everything they have taken care and made us stood properly in front of world. Those parents can’t think wrong to us anyhow.

When teenagers do any mistake parents feels much embarrassed in the society. That hurts them a lot because they have to answer peoples. They have worked hard but somehow their kids proved their parenting as a failure. Every parent loves their kids and tries every solution which can put their children on right track. If parents say there is something wrong in any relation than children should respect their decision because they know life better. They know who and which type of partner will be better for their child, who can help at every part of life an all situations. Teenagers only see present and run after beauty, sex and other reasons and skip all hardcore life requirements and responsibilities which come in life, which makes their decision wrong most of times.

Parents take this type of (killing their child) step only when they don’t found any other way to save themselves from peoples as a failure. When they feel failed again in putting their child on right track after that much mistake than they loose their patience and took this kind of step. Decision taken in anger by parents or in emotion by children always remains wrong when we think in detail. Parents don’t does happily they are got more hurt but it may relive them and their other kids from lot of problems.

Movies and television shows makes sensitive affect on kids mind and they think those stories as real. They learn from everything which they see in life. If they will stay in front of TV and movies whole day then they will learn from the shows which are full shows of vulgarity and violence.

government have to make decisions to stop peoples taking quick decisions in anger/emotion so that somebody does not loose his/her life and parents also not have to regret on their mistake as it will also ruin their own life. Court does not see when life becomes miserable due to decisions of their kids. Their decision not also affects village society but also put their whole family and siblings’ life in dark tunnel.

As my final words parents who bought us here in life are authorized from my side to take our life back if we hurt them and feel embarrassed in society. Living with honor is far important than just living life anyhow.

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