Increasing Population root cause of every problem

Population of India has become cause of every problem. It may only be my way of visualization but it seems to me. Every social problem becomes very everywhere when it relates to so many peoples.
Increasing costs: everybody is thinking on this and worried about that but anyhow not able to control. Govt is also either helpless or trying to show helpless and not doing anything. Luxury is far off; poor people can’t afford even healthy food in this scenario.

Cause: when there are so many peoples to buy limited things available than they may pay high but not all, and process becomes first come first serve basis on higher costs.
Changing environment: environment has changed a lot and big cities have become like hell to stay. Pollution of vehicles and industries has poisoned air to breath.

Cause: more people travel more, more needs so more industries, overall makes more pollution.
Agriculture land: land is unable to absorb water below surface and all water tries to run after first rain. Environment change has reduced rain and when rain come water converted into flood.

Cause: living space and new construction have covered all agriculture land. Mass level construction under surface have converted all land as concrete blocks.
Unemployment: lot of youngsters has completed their education but still staying at home without job. Competition has increased very much and because of some reasons they get always rejected.

Cause: If there is one job more than 10 candidates will be there. How job can be offered to all of 10 candidates there. Population also has increased competition to get the job.
Education: for higher education it’s not easy to get admission in specific course. Children of small families get at least basic education always and concentrate on their career.

Cause: cause is near about same to get admission as for unemployment. Small family can provide good education to their kids but not big family can take care of that much.
Poverty: Poor people always keep struggling for food and skip other things. Peoples not getting job and having lot of family members can’t struggle with high costs of the market.

Cause: poverty is anyhow related to unemployment and un-education.
Finally saying all basic problems anyhow related to increasing population and remain continues till than we will not take step on that. Let’s see when something happens because here in India no one does anything here things happen.

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