Is Farmer really face of GOD

In our childhood we have always heard that farmer is very responsible person. He is near to god as he works very hard and grows grains to feed the whole world. He stays in poverty and makes others rich and powerful. Still he always remains thankful to God whatever he gets and keeps working in same manner without complaining of his poverty and hurdles during his work at fields.

Now what has become to the farmers only god knows. They have become lazy. They have sold their golden land where they do farming. They don’t believe in feeding peoples. They believe in getting profit now. Up to that much extent it’s acceptable and normal as life has changed for all and money has become powerful in lives.

But for luxury and because of their laziness they have started taking some very wrong steps which don’t suit their respectful profession. They have starting burning crop wastes which they use to feed animals in previous days. That is becoming double harmful for human being. First by pollution and second by less production of funder for animals. Hey God please bless them with proper thoughts and give same power and motivation so that they can work hard as previous days earn more and help life to grow easily.

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