Only Cricket – where are other Games

Cricket is big source of money and fame if you become success at any presentable level. And how this gali cricket on Indian TV will famous every gali player of wash every other game from children minds. Before years back Haryana, Punjab some other normal Indian village boys play Kushti (wrestling) or Kabaddi every evening but now those guys just remain updated for cricket matches of villages.

No one any country promote a single game at this much level that makes other games importance all faint. Other players earn medals and do better with lot of hard work but still no one knows them. They don’t have enough money to keep playing after family responsibilities but because of media ignorance don’t get many sponsors. After some time they just get retired automatically and remain busy in routine life, makes end of his game.

But opposite in cricket media shout on a single player game even when its team work. They make a single player god and other team member big HEROs. They get fame lot of career options, money from government and other sources. Media opens a lot of career options to them and they don’t have to think over career back.

In other games players have to struggle for single penny from government, to get sponsors, to compete other plays and even after his individual hard work no one looks at him.

Countries like China don’t promote this kind of games because it’s a totally worthless game not for health or anything. Its just has became kind of TV serial and players like actors, who behave to play for country but keep both eyes on money only.

Please get out of this cricket mania and make your kids interest in other games. Games are not for money but for health.

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