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      Sudhir Vats

      We are some farmers which are educated and home near lucknow. want information on benefits of Farm Pond and schemes related to construction of farm pond for subsidy. we also want some program on new farming techniques and Government schemes for agriculture. where we should connect and meet which officer. who can help us?

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      I need the new agriculture techniques and methods are used in India. I am searching the more related plans and government schemes in online. I should apply for the agri business in online. How to get the information and helps from online. I need the farming methods and better solution for the problems for making business entries. Please help me to collect the GST Rates for the tools and materials buying. What are the types of GST rates are added for the agriculture tools and techniques using for the business. I am searching the better’s method and applicable to local GST rates for the common products. I am using only agri business in my city. So please help me.

      I need the possible information and details about the types of GST implement in India. What are the types of taxes are applicable for the products? I want expert’s advices for calculating the each and every tax amounts. I am searching the methods and government plans about the GST for farming tools. What are best plans and what are the tax rates for local products? I am in online and I have searching the handbags, purses, and other types of women accessories. I am also sale the related things to my customers. I have decided to sale those types of products in online. All types of works are finished. Only I have needed to know the GST rates for the products. Because I need to record the all details and prices related matters in online. It is very useful for the future reference. I have spent more amounts for setting the process of selling. It is getting more works. My friend is helps me for manage the sources. What are the types of GST’s paying for the products in India? I am finding those.

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